• Expertise: Human Capital Management, Organization Development, HR Operations & Strategy, Talent Management
  • Availability: Phone, Radio
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi
  • DOB: July 16, 1963

Who is Anish Baijal?
Anish is the Global Vice President, HR, General Affairs & Transformation AMIEO; and Global Organization Development & Corporate Culture. In this role, he leads Human Resources across AMIEO, a 140-country region spanning Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania. He is responsible for the region’s 25,000 employees, based in corporate offices, manufacturing plants, parts warehouses, and on the ground in the markets.  Anish ensures the company successfully executes the regional transformation plan and is driving a one-team approach to growing the geographically broad and diverse region.

He is also responsible for Global HR Organizational Development and Culture for all Nissan Group employees across the enterprise. This entails developing organizational strategies and solutions to meet business needs and develop a corporate culture to match the values for Nissan Group.  Anish’s main objective is to nurture organizations within the company, helping them meet business challenges by organisation solutions to work cohesively and develop innovating products and solution for our customers.

Anish is an experienced leader when it comes to building strong corporate culture, making sure that our people are living by Nissan values and the Nissan Way.

Career history
Anish joined Nissan North America in 2006 after seventeen years with General Motors. An engineer by trade, he had never previously worked in a Human Resources department until Nissan presented him with the opportunity to become the Senior Manager of Operations & Talent Management. This decision allowed him to take a new and different career path from the previous roles he had held, and he quickly found the new challenge to be exciting as he applied principles and skills sets from his previous roles to the discipline of HR.

Later he became Director, Human Resources & Talent Management, with a focus on talent strategy and leadership development.

In April 2013, Anish moved to Nissan’s HQ in Japan as a Division General Manager for Organisational Development. There, he was responsible for organisational development, internal consulting and corporate governance globally. A year later he was moved to take on the role of Division General Manager for Global HR Strategy and Global Resource Management and HR head for Africa, Middle East and India, where he was responsible for five business units with more than 25,000 employees across three plants.

In November 2015 he relocated to Rolle, Switzerland, to assume the role of Vice President Human resources and General Affairs for Nissan Europe.  Anish took over his global role in Oct 2017.

In November 2021, he began his current role leading HR for the AMIEO Region while retaining global scope for global organization development and corporate culture transformation.

Achievements at Nissan
Anish is very proud to have been involved in the collective successes of the company over the years. He feels fortunate to have been involved, as part of a team, in many of the new projects and initiatives that has helped the company improve and achieve its current position.

Why is Nissan Different?
Nissan is a great company for being really passionate about its people, and being a caring company, Anish said. He says the company is diverse and forward thinking, always trying to be as agile as possible to be on the front foot to meet and respond to new challenges.

In Anish’s Personal Time
Anish enjoys reading, travelling, and spending time with his wife and two children.

Issued by Nissan