• Expertise: Customer experience, electric vehicles, new technologies, marketing, sales, advertising, digital
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Languages spoken: French, English
  • DOB: November 1972

Who is Coralie Musy?

Coralie is responsible for Nissan's brand and customer experience for the AMIEO region, which include digital, media, above the line communication assets, brand, and connected services. All of Nissan's customer touchpoints are part of her remit.

A key priority for Coralie is to position the brand as a leader in both electrification and crossovers. Nissan created the crossover segment in 2007 and introduced the first mass-market EV, the LEAF, in 2010 and she says Nissan is electrifying its crossover line-up, starting with Qashqai and following with Ariya, which will become the flagship model of the brand. She says Ariya represents the ultimate Nissan experience and reflects the next chapter for the company. 

Career History

Coralie graduated from ESTACA (Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautique et Construction Automobile) and immediately started her career in the automotive industry in 1996 at the FIA. In 1998, she joined Nissan France's After Sales & Training department. Two years later, she moved to Nissan Europe, taking on various positions within After Sales and Marketing, leading on a project for the creation of maintenance contracts as well as the extended warranty scheme in partnership with RCI.

In 2006, she became Head of Product for the 4x4 division, supervising the Navara and PATROL vehicles. From 2008 to 2011, Coralie was the Marketing Planning and Cross Car Line Manager at Nissan West Europe before returning to Nissan Europe as Head of Digital Marketing and CRM in 2011, taking the lead in developing a mobile phone and CRM strategy for the brand. During this time, she also took on the responsibility of the European call center and launched the European Customer platform based in Gennevilliers, France.

In 2014, she was promoted to After Sales General Manager, overseeing engineering, repair, network support and warranty for Europe. During this assignment, Coralie worked on launching a process that enabled Nissan to track and maintain off-road vehicles within the dealer network. Following this, she has spent the past four years as Marketing Director for France where her focus was how Nissan can increase customer loyalty, continue to support the brand's dealerships, digitalise Nissan communication and maximise engagement with customers so they continue to choose Nissan.


One of Coralie's biggest achievements was leading the team who launched the VOR Process (Vehicle of Road Process). There was no visibility at the time within the Nissan organisation for customers who were without their car because their dealer didn't have the correct replacement parts, so Coralie worked with her team to build a process that tracked and identified issues to overcome this challenge. This led to a process called Line Picking which allows for available parts to be sourced directly from Nissan's factories and then be delivered as quickly as possible to dealerships to put cars back on the road.

Another achievement of Coralie's was the creation of a specific marketing plan to give existing customers exclusive offers at a specific moment to support them to renew their vehicle in the brand.

Additionally, which Coralie says was a big step forward for Nissan, is the development of the e-commerce Shop@Home experience to allow customers to start their journey on line. The experience allows customers to assess how much their used car is worth, how much their monthly repayments will be for a new vehicle, what are the car in stock and their value, request a quotation and lead to a Nissan representative coming back to the customer in less than four hours. Nissan France won two leads award for the experience in 2020, beating all rival brands in both the new and used car.

Personal Memory

For Coralie, her biggest personal moment was when the Alliance with Renault was announced in 1999. She says as she didn't know it was going to happen for sure so when it did, it was a really proud moment and also a big chance for Nissan. Coralie believes the Alliance is a strong asset for Nissan which is why the moment is a significant one for her. 

Why is Nissan different?

According to Coralie, what makes Nissan different is that the brand challenges the norm and is successful when doing this. She says Nissan dares to do things differently, as demonstrated by the business' leadership in crossovers and electrification, with Ariya the ultimate example of this.

Future Predictions

Coralie believes the industry will drastically change over the next 20 years, particularly in regard to electrification and digitalisation, both of which have been accelerated due to COVID-19. She says the industry will be transformed into a cleaner one, with a much bigger focus on electrified powertrains and the benefits and experience this brings consumers. Coralie also believes the digitalisation of all processes – from new car buying to the after sales experience – will become much more digital.


  • Nissan Global Top Executive Programme, International Business – The Wharton School (2019-2020)
  • BAC +5, Aernoautical and Automotive Engineering – ESTACA (1996-1998)
  • Engineer's Degree – ESTACA (1991-1996)


In Coralie's Personal Time

In her personal time, Coralie enjoys running, something she does every weekend. Tennis was also a passion of hers when she was young and she even used to teach young children. While she had to stop because due to time commitments, she still plays tennis during the holiday periods with her daughters. She also really enjoys travelling and says it's a passion she shares with her family. The management of Coralie's private and professional life is also very important to her as she really enjoys spending time with her family.

Your current car

Coralie currently drives a Nissan Qashqai but she hopes to be driving an Ariya soon. She believes the design and technology of Ariya is something you cannot find in the current market and strongly believes there really is nothing comparable.

Your first car

The first car Coralie ever drove was a Peugeot 208.

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Issued by Nissan