• Hundreds of new parts available through Nissan Reman and Nissan Value Advantage programs
  • Expanded to further reduce maintenance and repair costs for out-of-warranty customers
  • Both programs offering more high-quality certified parts at reduced prices than ever before
  • Nissan Reman offers eco-friendly alternative to new components, using less energy and raw materials


PARIS, France (September 5, 2018) – Nissan has expanded the scope of its two aftersales programs for out-of-warranty vehicles, with the launch of hundreds of new parts to improve the service for customers.


Owners of these Nissan vehicles can now benefit from the widest ever range of regular and remanufactured (‘reman’) parts for maintenance.


The two schemes – Nissan Reman and Nissan Value Advantage – ensure drivers of out-of-warranty models can access high-quality components while minimising servicing and maintenance costs.


The benefit for customers is enhanced service levels and choice within the Nissan aftersales network. This enables more of them to stay within the network by reducing the cost of vehicle ownership.


The Nissan Reman catalogue has grown from 380 parts in August 2017 to more than 1,000 today. It covers many out-of-warranty passenger cars – including the Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail crossover, previous generations of Micra and selected Light Commercial Vehicles.


Nissan Reman offers high-quality, remanufactured parts at an average discount of 30% when compared with OE parts. Compliant with Nissan’s strict quality standards, these components are genuine Nissan parts that have been dismantled, inspected and rebuilt to ensure complete reliability.


Minimising the CO2 impact of Nissan’s manufacturing activities, this form of recycling makes use of existing components whilst maintaining the vehicle’s performance and reliability.


All Nissan remanufactured parts have the same warranty as genuine new Nissan parts and are without mileage limitations. However, they use less energy and around 75% less raw materials compared to producing a new part.


Meanwhile, Nissan Value Advantage customers also benefit from the biggest ever catalogue of parts. The number of items available has doubled from less than 150 in January 2017 to more than 350 today. The plan is to reach 500 by April 2019.


The program’s focus is on Nissan’s core models – Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail, Micra and LEAF – and covers many routine maintenance components including filters, wipers, brake pads and clutches. Nissan Value Advantage parts are priced on average 20% lower than OE parts.


In addition, Nissan Value Advantage customers also benefit from the Nissan Customer Promise. This incorporates a Free Vehicle Check, courtesy car, Lifetime Nissan Assistance and the same warranty as genuine new Nissan parts. All parts are fitted by qualified technicians to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality.


Jean-Christophe Mercier, Vice President, Aftersales, Nissan Europe, said: "Most drivers want to stay within the manufacturer’s certified dealer network and these programs offer a compelling case to enable them to do that.”


He added: “By expanding these two highly competitive schemes, we are delivering on our commitment to provide exceptional service standards and aftersales options to all Nissan drivers.”



Issued by Nissan