• Expertise: Network Development, Customer Quality, Distribution Innovation
  • Location: Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Île-de-France, France
  • Languages spoken: Italian, English, German

Who is Jean-Philippe?

In his role as Vice President of Network Development & Customer Quality, Jean-Philippe will manage the strategy and development of Nissan's distribution model and dealer network relationships. Jean-Philippe will lead the Nissan team in developing the framework of Nissan's distribution model in the years to come as the role of the network rapidly evolves.

In response to an evolution of customer and market needs, Jean-Philippe is transforming Nissan's distribution model to provide the best level of service for customers and manage cost control. In his new role he will be responsible for the brands engagement and informing customers' offline experience by enhancing Nissan's process and tools.

Career History

Jean-Philippe joined Nissan in 2004 as a Regional Director in the French office and has since held a variety of roles across the AMIEO region, including Australia, Italy and the United Kingdom. To his new role, Jean-Philippe will bring a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, customer quality and D&D, alongside a deep understanding of both the Nissan and Infiniti brands.


Jean-Philippe praises Nissan for providing him with many opportunities to grow with the business over the years. He notes that the challenges and opportunities have been varied, and his next task is always the most exciting on the horizon. With that, he is currently pleased to be developing Nissan's distribution format and leading one of the industry's biggest evolutions. Having maintained the same model for the past 100 years, Jean-Philippe is leading Nissan's revolutionary change and is inspired by the initiative and his team's entrepreneurial mindset.

Personal Memory

Jean-Philippe recalls putting together a very ambitious training plan for the entire service force of Nissan's network around electrification and the rewarding experience of getting the Nissan family back together after a period of disruption due to COVID. With executives and dealers from all over Europe in attendance, Jean-Philippe found the opportunity to engage and demonstrate Nissan's electrification plan extremely rewarding.

Why is Nissan different?

Nissan's entrepreneurial mindset is what distinguishes it from its competitors. Jean-Philippe recalls that the sky has been the limit with each new role at Nissan. His team members and colleagues have been an unwavering support and have encouraged him to push the boundaries of the industry and break down barriers.

Future Predictions

Led by the ongoing shift to electrification, Jean-Philippe notes that the context of the industry is evolving rapidly across the AMIEO region, and Nissan's approach will continue to be reviewed on a market-by-market basis to ensure the variety of customers' needs are met.
As new competitors come to the automotive space with new models and philosophies, Jean-Philippe is encouraged that Nissan's entrepreneurial mindset will provide it with the edge it needs to adapt with the evolving market.

To maintain this consumer confidence, Jean-Philippe and his team will continue to prioritise strong customer relations and delivering the best brand experience possible.


  • Montpellier Business School
  • Attended University of Westminster - M.B.A, International studies M.B.A, International studies 1995-1996

In Jean-Philippe's personal time

As a dedicated father, Jean-Philippe spends a lot of his free time behind the wheel of his Nissan JUKE, playing chauffeur for his daughter, making sure she gets to all the appointments in her busy social calendar.

What is your first car/ current car?
Jean-Philippe is currently the proud owner of a Nissan JUKE which he notes is the perfect size for all his family needs.

He has mixed emotions about his first vehicle, a Ford Fiesta, which holds a special place in his heart as the vehicle that brought him to Italy but humorously recounts the vehicles temperamental nature.

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Issued by Nissan