• With strong regenerative braking distribution, e-4ORCE leaves pitching and diving behind, creating a comfortable journey for all passengers
  • e-4ORCE technology provides the power, precision control and comfort to help travellers embark on a joyful summer road trip

PARIS, FRANCE – Summer is here, and Nissan is taking the season to new heights with its groundbreaking e-4ORCE technology. Designed to work exclusively with electrified powertrains, e-4ORCE empowers travellers to embark on a journey filled with excitement, comfort, and pure driving pleasure no matter the distance or destination.

As wanderlust takes hold and the open road beckons, e-4ORCE technology becomes the ultimate driving companion, providing a powerful and exhilarating summer driving experience thanks to its innovative all-wheel drive system. Every twist and turn ignites a sense of adventure, as e-4ORCE's strong regenerative braking distribution leaves pitching and diving behind.

With its improved ride comfort and stability, this technology enables longer and more fulfilling road trips for all, ensuring that every passenger enjoys a comfortable ride throughout their summer adventures. With e-4ORCE, currently available in the Nissan Ariya and X-Trail, the journey becomes an integral part of the summer holiday experience, elevating it to new heights of excitement and anticipation.

Long stretches on highways become effortlessly smooth and enjoyable, allowing travellers to savour every moment of the summer adventure while also witnessing Nissan's commitment to electrification and sustainable mobility with each passing mile.  

Conquer highways, navigate mountainous landscapes, explore quaint villages, and venture to remote beaches with e-4ORCE's dual motor and ultra-high-precision control system. Effortlessly adapting to every road condition, the technology provides travellers with unwavering stability and control as they cruise along.

Watch the video below as Nissan presents the latest chapter of the 'e-4ORCE For All Seasons' campaign, offering a front-row seat to the ultimate summer road trip experience. Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable capabilities of e-4ORCE technology, unveiling a journey that combines unparalleled comfort and thrilling excitement, destined to become the highlight of this summer.

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