• Expertise: Design
  • Location: London
  • Languages spoken: English, Welsh
  • DOB: May 1973

Who is Matthew Weaver?
As the Vice President for Design for Nissan in Europe, Matthew is responsible for every stage of the design process pertaining to the exterior and interior of Nissan models whose design has originated from Nissan Design Europe (NDE). From a project's concept phase, when the basic design takes shape in sketch form, through the prototype build phase with the NDE quality team, through to final production sign-off, Matthew is ultimately responsible for guiding his team's creations to fruition, as well as collaborating with his colleagues in Nissan Europe product planning and working globally to help define the brand's overall design strategy.

Based in London, Matthew's work not only focuses on regional products, with Nissan Design Europe regularly collaborating on global products with Nissan's other studios across the globe on.

Career History
Having worked as a design consultant for several car manufacturers, Matthew joined Nissan Design Europe in 2001, before the studio in London was completed. He recalls this as being a very exciting time, and most notably, Matthew worked on the brand's pioneering crossover line up of Qashqai and Juke with teams both in Europe and in Japan. In 2016, Matthew took on the position of Infiniti Design Director and in 2018, his role evolved to incorporate supervising both the Infiniti and Nissan brands. Matthew then assumed his current assignment for Nissan Design Europe in April 2020.

From his time at Nissan, the work on the first-generation Juke is a very proud moment for Matthew. When he and the team presented the final design proposal, it became the design for the production model. Matthew remembers looking at everyone in the room during this proposal and seeing the astonishment – he couldn't tell at this point whether this car would be a success. However, as we know today, the Juke's bold design became one of its most recognisable and differentiating features.

Personal Memory
At Nissan's Global Design Centre in Atsugi, Japan, the design team was going through a late review of the final clay proposals of the R35 GT-R, the supercar that would go on to rewrite the rules of accessible sports car performance. That evening, there was a typhoon with thunder, lightning and tremendous winds. In this atmosphere, Matthew looked at the models as they were illuminated by lightning and felt that the "Godzilla" myth surrounding this iconic vehicle was coming to life!

Why is Nissan different?
Matthew believes Nissan is different because of its "why not" attitude, an element that lives and breathes within Nissan's design function. Matthew says the philosophy of challenging conventions and being fearless has been driven by Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design. Thanks to this approach, the teams in Europe enjoy a spirit of freedom which allows for unexpected outcomes that will change not only the future of Nissan Design, but will also make their mark on the entire industry.

Future Predictions
While Matthew says this is very difficult to answer with the massive shift currently occurring in the automotive industry, he believes that among all the emerging technologies, those linked to human emotions and memories or smiles will prevail.  


  • Transport Design, Coventry University
  • Vehicle Design, Royal College of Art, London, 1999

In Mathew's Personal Time
Matthew values spending time with friends and family, as well as enjoying his passion for cars and driving with regular trackdays. He also enjoys mountain walking, when he's back in Wales and maintains his love of design, art and culture through the membership of several art societies in London.

Your current car
Matthew currently drives a Qashqai.

Your first car
Matthew's first car was a Lancia Delta and he had to work every available hour as a bar tender in order to maintain it.

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