Almost 50 years ago Nissan engineers had a simple idea to try boosting sales through motorsport - they dropped a powerful engine into an ordinary Japanese saloon. Realising the potential of what they had created, they worked flat out to produce 100 examples to meet strict homologation rules.



Launched on 1 May 1964, the car was the Nissan Skyline 2000GT (S54). It competed in its first race just two days later and while victory was taken by a Porsche 904, the Nissan took every place from 2nd to 6th.



Little did these maverick engineers know what they had started. Their passion for racing, working after-hours in their own time to create a competitive car, resulted in the birth of the Skyline legend. The spirit of Nismo emerged for the first time.



This approach led to the dominance of the four-wheel-drive R32 GT-R, itself winning over a generation both on real and virtual race tracks. Harnessing the potential of the digital age, Nismo cars became global superstars in Sony's long running Gran Turismo® series. No longer were thrilling cars the preserve of the wealthy minority.



In 2013 Nismo's enthusiasm and innovation is alive and well. Today the expertise is channelled from the race track to the road, never forgetting the connection with fans in the digital space. Nismo has arrived in Europe.

Issued by Nissan