• Scheme now covers Navara pickup and latest generation Micra
  • Poorly functioning filters can cause health issues for occupants
  • Premium filters now available through Nissan retailer network for 11 models


PARIS. France (June 27, 2018) –

Nissan has extended its premium cabin air filter range to include the Navara pickup and latest generation Micra.


The filters feature an activated carbon layer and natural polyphenol coating to prevent gases, odours and fine particles – such as dust and allergens – from getting into the cabin.


The scheme was first introduced in December 2017 to give Nissan drivers access to the latest filter technology. It now covers 11 Nissan models, including X-Trail (2007 onwards); Micra (2010 onwards); Navara (2016 onwards); and all versions of the Qashqai, Juke, LEAF and Pulsar.


On average, European drivers spend a full 10 days (240 hours) inside their vehicles every year. Old, blocked or poorly functioning cabin filters can cause health issues for occupants. Experts believe 15-25% of people worldwide suffer from hay fever symptoms which can be caused by pollen allergens entering the car’s interior.[1]


This can prove dangerous to those behind the wheel. Drivers who sneeze while travelling at 80km/h close their eyes for a distance of 25 metres.[2]


Nissan recommends using the latest premium cabin air filters and replacing them annually to ensure optimal performance.


All premium air filters have been certified by independent testing organisations AIR TEST and RNSA. Proven to neutralise up to 96% of pollen allergens before entering the vehicle, the new filters typically cost just €5-€10 more than a standard filter.


Jean-Christophe Mercier, Vice President of Aftersales, Nissan Europe, commented: “With so much time spent in our cars, we recognise the importance of the role cabin filters play for drivers. With our premium cabin filter technology we are able to cut out a significant amount of odours, gases and particles from entering the cabin.”


Premium cabin filters are at the heart of Nissan’s aim to ensure the well-being and safety of its drivers.


Drivers can enquire about the premium cabin air filters at their local Nissan retailer.






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[2] Study published by the Automobilclub Deutschland AvD

Issued by Nissan