• Additional exterior styling components made from robust heavy duty polymer
  • Eight red night light / sensor units, one in each of the four corners of the pickup and trailer
  • Lashing points on each wheel arch extension add extra practicality
  • Standard Navara grille enhanced with reinforced over-riders and new front chin guard creates a more purposeful and technical look
  • Front winch incorporated into the chin guard for additional peace of mind while off-roading
  • Roof structure extends back over the load bed, and incorporates roll bars and communication transmitter
  • High-intensity white lights in the front edge of the roof structure for additional illumination ahead of the car
  • Full-width red night light in the rear edge of the roof structure to illuminate load bed
  • Roof structure robust enough to carry bags, supplies and equipment for overnighting in remote location
  • Restyled rear bumper and side step, complete with ground illuminating red night lights with new three-slot design to echo wheel arch lashing points
  • Four-point projector-style headlamps with new interpretation of Nissan’s signature boomerang Daytime Running Light (DRL) design
  • Bespoke 20-inch alloy wheels, unique to this vehicle and fitted with off-road tyres


Nissan unveils mobile space observatory: the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept



  • Midnight blue and orange interior upholstery
  • Reflective orange piping on seats to help occupants locate interior features in low light conditions
  • Wider and flatter armrest between the front seats doubles as a work station
  • Integrated luminescent strap on armrest to secure laptop while driving
  • Luminescent floor mats to aid night-time visibility


Nissan unveils mobile space observatory: the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept



  • 3 x integrated storage areas in side and front of load bed for carrying smaller items
  • Lashing points integrated into the top edge of the load bed
  • Bespoke load bed liner sculpted from heavy duty polymer
  • Load bed liner features integrated brushed aluminium rollers for easy loading / unloading
  • 2 x Nissan portable battery units integrated into load bed. Spares to power trailer and telescope
  • Integrated tool and battery storage unit at front of load bed provides locking mechanism for battery units. Vehicle’s engine can be used to charge these when running


Nissan unveils mobile space observatory: the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept



  • World’s first observatory-class telescope on a bespoke off-road capable trailer
  • Refrigerated interior to ensure calibration of telescope is maintained during transit
  • Motorised functionality for trailer opening and stabilizer leg deployment
  • Roof is light in colour to reflect light and heat
  • Rear-facing camera integrated into the light strip on the rear
  • Upper section is a laminate construction of bonded cabin fibre layers with insulated reflective liner to ensure the refrigerated trailer stays at the optimum temperature
  • Chassis built from sturdy box-section steel for practical off-road use, and fitted with 16-inch wheels / off-road tyres
  • Trailer powered by two integrated Nissan portable battery packs
  • Trailer opening via motorised two-stage action, splitting front to back, opening horizontally and then with a clamshell movement to allow the telescope to see the widest possible section of sky
  • Trailer functionality accessed via remote control


Nissan unveils mobile space observatory: the Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept



Overall length (Navara and trailer):           9,680 mm

Navara length:                                      5,400 mm

Navara height:                                      1,920 mm

Navara wheelbase:                                3,198mm

Navara wheels:                                     20 inches

Trailer length:                                       4,060 mm

Trailer height:                                       2,060 mm

Trailer wheels:                                      16 inches

Issued by Nissan