A TIME CAPSULE: Mexico City, Mexico

The Pole to Pole adventure continued into Mexico where the couple were excited to immerse themselves in the country’s diverse landscapes, rich cultures and delectable cuisine.

Having skilfully maneuvered through dense traffic with advanced control thanks to the Expedition Ariya e-4ORCE’s instant torque, Chris & Julie reached Mexico City and entered what could have been a time capsule! Themed around the Arctic tundra, Nissan Mexico had a put on a show with its dedicated event - providing the couple with a warm, yet icy, welcome. With sustainably sourced ice sculptures, an ice bar and a huge dome projecting an animation of the Pole to Pole journey, the couple spoke about their spectacular all-electric journey to an audience of intrigued journalists and customers from across Mexico.

Back to the heat, the Pole to Pole team were on the road again, but not without a quick photo stop at the iconic Angel of Independence monument, taking the chance to sample some delicious Mexican street food and enjoy the popular Lucha Libre.


Border crossings can be a nerve-wracking experience and the duo were braced for long queues and a mountain of paperwork at the Guatemala border. Whilst it was anything but fast, the friendly border staff and fellow adventurers made for a relatively smooth experience.

Their next stop was Antigua, a charming city nestled amidst the stunning backdrop of southern Guatemala's volcanoes. Here, Chris and Julie met members from Guatemala’s British Consulate Office and the Association of Electric Mobility in Guatemala, who educated them about the country’s transition to EVs and their plans for expanding the charging infrastructure. As a testament to that, the couple enjoyed a faultless charging experience through the country.

They took full advantage of their Antiguan adventure, immersing themselves in the city's rich history and distinctive charm, exploring its quaint and colourful streets.

CLIMBING VOLCANOES: Cerra Negro, Nicaragua

Having ambitiously travelled from El Salvador to Nicaragua via Honduras in the same day Chris & Julie were feeling the effects of long border queues and even longer days – despite the tropical scenery and friendly people they were getting to meet along the way. They energised themselves with some adrenaline-fuelled adventures at Nicaragua's Cerra Negro Volcano, hiking to the top before getting the chance to sand board back down, after all the Pole to Pole expedition is all about pushing boundaries!

Ticking off yet another terrain type in their Expedition Ariya, the e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system came into its own when navigating the volcanic track, expertly ensuring a smooth ride whilst minimising the impact of over-steer and under-steer on the trickiest of volcanic terrains.


The Central American journey reached its climax as the Pole to Pole team raced against the clock to reach Colón, where the Expedition Ariya would be taken to Colombia across the infamous Darién Gap. With the clock ticking, Chris & Julie accelerated their journey through Panama in order to make the crossing in time.

The team were enthralled by the picturesque and biodiverse landscapes along their journey, from tropical rainforests to pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters. But it was full steam ahead for the duo, who enjoyed the scenery with confidence and comfort thanks to the Expedition Ariya’s all-wheel drive and spacious interior.

With no roads bridging the gap between Panama and Colombia, the Pole to Pole team knew they must briefly separate from their treasured Nissan Ariya until they were reunited for their South American adventure. With the car safely on its way onboard a container ship, it was time to say their final farewells to Central America.

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Issued by Nissan