• Embark on a captivating winter retreat with Nissan's e-4ORCE, offering superior control and handling… even in a winter wonderland.
  • Feel the dynamism as e-4ORCE effortlessly accelerates on icy, snowy roads, thanks to its precision torque control that optimises grip for the smoothest driving experience.
  • Experience the joy of an all-weather driving partner, delivering exceptional performance no matter the time of year.

PARIS, FRANCE – While the festive season may be behind us, icy, snowy, and wintery conditions still pave the roads ahead. Santa's reindeers are taking their well-deserved break after their busiest period yet, but during this time, have you ever wondered how Mr Claus navigates winter wonderlands without them? One word – e-4ORCE.

Looking for a way to keep the festive excitement flowing, our thrill-seeking toy maker is turning to Nissan's e-4ORCE technology to conquer his wintery environment with daring confidence and smooth yet dynamic control. Placing precision at his fingertips, this seasoned traveller is mastering the art of manoeuvring complex terrains thanks to his all-weather driving partner.  

You can see the adrenaline surge as e-4ORCE technology – currently available in Santa's favourites from the line-up: the 100% electric Nissan Ariya and X-Trail e-POWER – effortlessly glides through snowy landscapes, thanks to advanced handling, precise cornering and line tracing to provide a feeling of security and control with fun and excitement.

Reserved for the slipperiest of situations, e-4ORCE's unique snow drive mode and powerful pull away acceleration ensures Santa is always in control. So whether it is frozen lakes, snowy country roads, or icy urban streets, Santa's ready for the off-season.  

Exclusively developed for electrified powertrains, the all-wheel drive technology ensures a confident and commanding performance in all conditions, thanks to its lightning-fast response and ultra-high-precision torque control at 1/1000th of a second. The system dynamically adjusts torque distribution between the front and rear axles, ensuring optimal grip and delivering a driving experience as smooth as freshly fallen snow.

After experiencing spring's dynamic responsiveness, enjoying summer's ultimate driving companion, and embracing autumn's spooky spell, it's time to dive into the winter chapter of the 'e-4ORCE For All Seasons' campaign. Get ready to witness Santa Claus kick back, give the reindeers some well-deserved time off, and masterfully command his e-4ORCE equipped car through pristine winter wonderlands in the video below.

Each season unfolds a different adventure with e-4ORCE, transforming every moment behind the wheel into an unforgettable driving experience. Whether dominating snowy slopes, conquering icy paths, or navigating cool curves, take a leaf from Santa's book and let e-4ORCE illuminate your winter adventure with confidence and style.


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