• Expertise: ePowertrain Technology
  • Location: Cranfield, UK
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English and Spanish (conversational)
  • DOB: November 1979

Who is Shunsuke Shigemoto

Shunsuke Shigemoto is a highly accomplished automotive engineer with a two-decade career spanning multiple countries and roles. At the outset of his career, he made significant contributions to research and development, focusing on pioneering technologies like Ultra Lean Burn combustion engine and Variable Compression Ratio. His expertise led him to Atsugi, Japan, where he played a crucial role in advanced engineering projects, including Thermal Recuperation and 48V Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) development.

In more recent years his focus has been the development of e-POWER technology, as well as contributing to the development of serial diesel engines for the Alliance.

Currently serving as the Vice President of ePowertrain Technology, Research, and Advanced Engineering at Nissan Technical Centre Europe, Cranfield, UK, Shunsuke continues to shape the future of automotive technology with his visionary mindset and unwavering dedication.

Career History

Shunsuke's career has spanned multiple countries and roles, during which he has honed his expertise and made huge contributions to the field of automotive engineering. His journey began in Japan, in research of the development of both Ultra Lean Burn and Variable Compression Ratio, in order to enhance engine performance and efficiency.

In 2009, Shunsuke moved to Atsugi, Japan, where he joined the Advanced Engineering division at the Nissan Technical Centre. During his tenure, he made significant contributions to cutting-edge projects, notably in Thermal Recuperation and 48V HEV development.

Shunsuke started a new career chapter in 2018 when he moved to Barcelona, Spain, and remained until 2021. During this period, he undertook the role of Powertrain Development Manager, playing a pivotal role in the serial diesel engine development for passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles in the Alliance.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic, he returned to Atsugi in 2021, where he adopted the position of Chief Powertrain Engineer for e-POWER, overseeing critical projects such as the Serena (C28) and driving innovation within the organisation.

In April 2023, he embarked on the latest chapter of his career and moved to Nissan Technical Centre Europe, Cranfield, UK, to become Vice President of ePowertrain Technology, Research, and Advanced Engineering. In this role he is entrusted with leading the charge in developing cutting-edge solutions for the future of electric powertrains. His extensive experience and visionary mindset make him a crucial team member in shaping the next generation of automotive technology.


One of his standout achievements, Shunsuke says, was the launch of the Nissan Serena e-POWER, an EV that has been met with resounding success in the market. The sales figures and customer satisfaction rates have exceeded all expectations, serving testament to the innovative design and advanced technology incorporated into the Serena e-POWER.

He holds great pride in maintaining the distinguished status of the N1 SUV line, particularly the Qashqai model and the huge success of the introduction of VCR (Variable Compression Ratio) technology, which has revolutionised the performance and efficiency of our combustion engines.

Personal Memory

Throughout his long career at Nissan, Shunsuke created many incredible memories, but the personal memories he is particularly fond of are his time spent in Barcelona with his wife and two children. He enjoys reminiscing about all the exciting travels he made during his time in Spain, including to Paris and England.

Why is Nissan different?

Shunsuke says the unique Nissan culture is what makes the Nissan difference. He talks about how Nissan embraces diversity and inclusion through recruiting and retaining many international employees, often in decision-making roles. Nissan thrives thanks to the "outside-of-the-box" thinking, he further explains, which he has experienced first-hand over the last 20 years.

Future Predictions

The want and need for the continuous advancements in safety and comfort technologies is what he feels are highest on the agenda, alongside the importance of creating a seamless and secure driving experience. Further advancements and additional services in the connectivity sphere will also play a role, as well as EVs transcending their primary transportation role, and becoming integral energy providers. The latter, he says, will unlock a multitude of possibilities beyond mobility.


  • Waseda University Masters Graduate School, Graduate, Mechanical Engineering, Themodynamics.
  • Waseda University BA.

In your Personal Time

In his personal time, Shunsuke enjoys surfing, cycling and listening to his favourite music. When he gets a chance, he also appreciates a good orchestra spectacle!

Your current car

Shunsuke currently drives a Nissan Qashqai e-POWER.

Your first car

Shunsuke's first car was a Nissan Skyline (R32) GTS-t type M 4door sedan.

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