• More Nissan Micra customers than forecast are enhancing their car’s expressive design through exclusive personalisation program
  • Over 100 combinations available for exterior and interior upgrades
  • Retailer feedback reveals Energy Orange is the most popular personalisation choice
  • Customers spending on average €400 to personalise their new Micra
  • New video reveals ‘hand-finished’ nature of Nissan’s personalisation program
  • View the video here https://youtu.be/SPej7ZJLRoQ 


PARIS (August 7, 2017) – Nissan retailers are reporting higher-than-expected demand for personalisation options on the all-new Nissan Micra. Approximately one in four are choosing to enhance the car’s expressive design with additional exterior and interior parts.


The news comes as Nissan reveals a new video showing the ‘hand-finished’ nature of adding exterior personalisation parts to the B-segment hatchback. The ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage focuses on the attention to detail which goes into the Micra’s personalisation program, guaranteeing high-quality results every time.



Customer research amongst the first buyers of new Micra reveals that 60% are attracted by the dynamic and expressive styling of the car. This is the number one purchase reason for the new Micra.  


And when it comes to personalisation, Nissan’s offer to customers is second to none. More than 100 combinations are available, for both the exterior and interior of the Micra and in a variety of vibrant colours.


Approximately 22% of customers are choosing to personalise the exterior of their Micra. Bespoke components include exclusive bumper finishers, body side mouldings, 17-inch alloy wheels, door mirror caps and high-quality decals applied to the bonnet and roof.


Key findings from the retailer feedback are:

  • Energy Orange is the most popular exterior personalisation choice for Nissan customers, followed by Enigma Black, Vibrant Chrome then Power Blue.
  • Exterior personalisation is selected most often by customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Enigma Black is proving most popular in those countries, and also in Italy.
  • Vibrant Chrome is a hit with buyers in Italy and the UK, while Energy Orange is preferred in France and Spain.


Personalisation of the Micra’s interior is even more popular than the exterior, with 27% of customers modifying their car.

  • Across Europe, interior personalisation is most popular in Italy.
  • Energy Orange is the number one colour, followed by Power Blue and Invigorating Red.


The retailer feedback has also revealed which colour combination is proving most popular across Europe. The answer is Dark Grey with Energy Orange personalisation inside and out.


Figures for both exterior and interior customer personalisation are higher than originally forecast. Affordability has been key to demand, with customers spending on average just €400 to get the personalised design they want.


Helen Perry, General Manager, Small Cars, Nissan Europe, commented: “The personalisation program for the all-new Nissan Micra was created to allow customers to express their individual character and design flair when their buy their car. Feedback from retailers has highlighted that the mix of fantastic choice and affordability for personalisation means it’s more popular than we expected.”


New options will be added to the Micra’s personalisation program during the lifecycle of the car, further broadening its appeal with customers who want to express their personality when on the road.


The new personalisation video, which shows the ‘hand-finished’ nature of the Micra’s personalisation program, was shot inside the Renault-Nissan Alliance factory at Flins, France, where the Micra is manufactured. Watch it here https://youtu.be/SPej7ZJLRoQ

Issued by Nissan