What you just heard was the sound of the future. It is a sound that we call "Canto." Soon, it will be heard from our Nissan cars on streets around the world. It's what the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility will sound like.


Last month, we introduced the new Nissan LEAF. It is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our vision to move people to a better world. I said then that the new Nissan LEAF is not an EV, because EV technology alone is not enough to move people to a better world.


For that, you need a bigger vision for the future. That's what Nissan Intelligent Mobility is all about.


The early customer response to the new Nissan LEAF has been very strong. In just one month, we have already sold more than half of what we sold last year. But the new Nissan LEAF is only the latest chapter in the ongoing story of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.


Last year, here in Japan, we introduced e-POWER technology on the Nissan Note. It achieved the top sales category in the first half of 2017. As a result of this strong customer acceptance, we will be expanding e-POWER to other markets and models.


We will start by launching the Nissan Serena e-POWER here in Japan this spring. The new Nissan Serena has already showed great success with the introduction of ProPILOT, our first step in autonomous drive technology. The Serena is already known for its spacious interior and smooth ride. By combining it with e-POWER, it will also offer the excitement and efficiency of an EV and become another icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.


A few minutes ago, you heard what the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility will sound like. Now, let me show you what it will look like  …


Please welcome the Nissan IMx zero-emission concept.



In the same way that the new Nissan LEAF is not just an EV, this Nissan IMx zero-emission concept is not just an idea. It is our view of the future of mobility. And not in the distant future, but in the very near future. This is what Nissan Intelligent Mobility will deliver in the next few years.


It combines the excitement of an EV with the full ingenuity behind Nissan Intelligent Mobility, while also expressing traditional Japanese aesthetics. It shows how relationships between vehicles and drivers will evolve in the coming years to make the drive more exciting and the journey more enjoyable.


For example, in the near future, customers will select to either drive themselves or let the vehicle do the driving. This IMx zero-emission concept expresses that choice through two driving modes: ProPILOT Drive Mode and Manual Drive Mode.


When the customer chooses ProPILOT Drive Mode, the interior transforms. The steering wheel retracts and the seats recline, creating a new environment focused more on relaxation. It reflects the Japanese tradition of harmony – or wa – and provides a sense of peace and simplicity, which you can see through the beautiful wood grain.


It is packed with powerful and intuitive technology, including a panoramic display that shows what's happening outside of the car, to everyone on the inside. It also has a Human-Machine Interface that feels more like a human and less like a machine.


When the customer selects Manual Drive Mode, this IMx zero-emission concept brings the excitement of EV driving to a whole new level. This includes a smooth and powerful acceleration ; twin motors producing a total of 320 kW of power, which is equivalent to 430 HP ; four-wheel drive; and more than 600 kilometers of autonomy.


The artificial intelligence also learns the driver's preferences to create an even easier and more exciting driving experience.


It also re defines the entire ownership experience by showing what will soon be possible by combining all three pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. For example, imagine a car that could drive you to the airport, drive itself home and then, pick you up when you arrive back.  All the while, its connectivity would reduce travel time, minimize traffic congestion, improve energy management, and return power back to the grid.


The Nissan IMx zero-emission crossover concept  demonstrates Nissan's commitment to providing EVs in all categories. It also signals our intention to remain EV leaders for the long term. 


Moreover, today at the Tokyo Motor Show, we are also debuting the Nissan LEAF NISMO Concept. Through enhanced aerodynamics and performance, the LEAF NISMO shows how an EV can be transformed into a true driving machine.


It is linked to our long history with motor sports and shows our commitment to providing customers with many different kinds of exciting EV experiences .


And … we don't stop here.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, next year Nissan will be in the Formula E!


In December 2018, Nissan will participate in Season 5 of the thrilling Formula E championship. Our participation in Formula E will raise the bar even higher for Nissan Intelligent Mobility by showing the incredible power and performance that EVs can deliver. I cannot wait for the Formula E next year!


So, ladies and gentlemen, as I said before, today we offer more than just concepts. We pull the curtains back on the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and provide a clear view of what's just around the corner for our customers. We invite you to experience Nissan Intelligent Mobility at our booth here at the Tokyo Motor Show and at Nissan Crossing in Ginza.


At Nissan, we never stop. We keep moving forward. So, guided by Nissan Intelligent Mobility, we look forward to moving people to a better world. 


It is a world that will be simply amazing.

Thank you.


Issued by Nissan